Accountability and Colophon

About the information on this site

This site is intended as a public source of information for everyone: whether you have complaints and/or are interested in the subjects. The information is explicitly not a replacement for a consultation with an expert physician and therefore can not be seen or used in that way. This information will be provided to you free of charge by Menno van Hogezand, doctor in Musculoskeletal Medicine, and is recorded in good conscience. Where possible and applicable, the data have been verified and (a part of) the sources are indicated at the bottom of the articles. You can also find the author and the last revision date of the article at the bottom. All texts and images are subject to Dutch copyright. Copying of texts and images is permitted provided the source is clearly stated via a link to the site and the text or image is used in the spirit of the original (con)text. Commercial use is not permitted.  

With this site we outline, among other things, a picture of what we can do for people with complaints of the musculoskeletal system. We want to mention that we can not help everyone despite our intentions and efforts. Although a good examination can provide a lot of clarity, the results of the treatment must always be awaited.  

Liability and contact

Designing a site like this and treating people is human work. In many ways we try to work safely and anticipate possible problems. Hopefully this site is an example of this. Despite careful work, a mistake can be made or information may turn out differently than intended. It should be clear that the practice can not bear responsibility for these cases. We do appreciate it very much to be informed about things not going the right way. Perhaps the suffering can be somewhat limited. A change in policy can also prevent repetition in someone else. For questions you can also send us an email (see contact page) or call us at number 06-48631416.

Conflict of interest

This site has no sponsors and has not accepted donations from third parties, operates completely independently and will continue to do so. What was needed to make the site was a big investment in time to consult sources and make a readable article. In addition, there are limited costs to keep the site on the internet. These costs are met by the Practice Musculoskeletal Medicine. The site is therefore almost free of advertisements, cookies, trackers or other items with for example a commercial purpose.


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