The first visit


For your first visit 45 minutes will be scheduled. You start with an extensive conversation with the doctor. He will examine you and discuss the findings and the diagnosis. The possibilities for recovery are presented and also what is required for this (number of consultations, treatment period, type of treatments). You decide whether you agree, the doctor gives you advice. The start of the treatment can be directly, if there is sufficient time left, or during a follow-up visit.

We kindly ask you to pay attention to the following issues during your first visit:

  • take a valid identity card (passport, driving license, ID card)
  • use (temporarily) no greasy skin creams or the like
  • bring a large towel or sheet on the research bench
  • stop any painkillers a few hours before your visit (only if your condition permits!)
  • if you have important medical information: take that with you
  • if you have questions: write them down and take them with you
  • if you have more complaints: consider what you want to work on first
  • we appreciate a good body hygiene.
  • you can take a familiar person to the speaking and examination room if, for example, you have difficulty remembering.

Please note: the front door of the practice in Groningen is locked. You can remove it from the lock by pressing the front doorbell. Then you can open the door for a short time. The front door of the practice in Bellingwolde is loose during office hours.