The main views of our practice are that musculoskeletal complaints can come from:

  • to adopt a body posture that is too stressful for too long
  • carry out activities that are too long and/or too often
  • too little physical activity
  • deviations from movements and positions of joints
  • disturbed control due to non-optimal interplay of nervous system and muscles.

We realize that:

  • what is normal and different can differ per person
  • factors in the living and working environment can play a role
  • the whole person must be examined as a unique individual.

That is why we pay special attention to:

  • the origin of the complaint and the course
  • what has or does not affect the complaint
  • the demands placed on the person in the physical, psychological and social areas
  • the individual characteristics and wishes of the person being examined.

What we can not and do not want to treat (so-called contraindications):

  • fractures
  • tearing of joint capsules and bands
  • bone and joint inflammations
  • cancer
  • infections
  • congenital abnormalities
  • neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's.